installation guide & programme

Cornelius Beaumont’s team of expert installers can assist with all your technical difficulties.

1. site visit

One of our specialists will come to you to discuss:

Design Choices
Scope of Works
Sound Proofing
Underfloor Heating

2. quotation

Before Invoicing we will send a quote covering installation, flooring, materials and auxiliary works for you to approve and select from the available to you.
We always invoice separately to allow for any changes as the works progress.

3. installation

Our team of expert installers will work with you or your site manager to quickly complete the work. We can liaise around your schedule to ensure your satisfaction and minimise disruption.

Having the best people is the best insurance you can have.

Featured Services

Flooring Installation


The type of floor and installation will vary in price. If your floor is flat, no joinery is needed, moisture levels are correct, and the site is clear and empty, this may be all you need.

Removal and Waste: Removal of previous floors and carpeting is often missed by contractors, but we can provide this service for you. We bill for waste removal due to fly-tipping legislation unless the client has made other arrangements.

Help with Delivery: Our materials are always delivered “kerbside”, so it is important for the installation team, whether our own or another, to be notified when to be on site to bring in to the property. However, where access is made difficult by stairs or excessive distances, we can provide a quotation. 

Scheduling Example: For 50-100m2 installation, please allow 4-5 days of work

Joinery Work

Installation usually entails some joinery work, whether supplemental to installation or separately arranged. This may include stairs, nosing, ramps, reducers, undercutting of doors, skirting boards and various other tasks. This may be added on if you change your mind once works begin. 


The two most common issues that must be resolved before installation are levelling and moisture. 

We endeavour to diagnose these early on but often they are only visible after the previous floor has been removed. Whoever you have contracted to remove the previous flooring is responsible for communicating issues to you (the client) so that you can act accordingly.

Levelling: Where floors see excessive undulation or a difference in height across the whole area, we can use a self-levelling compound to correct this issue. In extreme cases, this may not be possible and other measures must be taken.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM): This is a liquid, semi-porous, sealant that we apply to cement to keep Relative Humidity (RH) and Cement Moisture (CM) to appropriate levels. Again, in extreme cases, other measures may be necessary which we can advise you on.