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For regular cleaning of Listone Giordano floors, we recommend cleaning on a weekly basis using this solution mixed with water and applied with a cloth.

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Green Bio is the ideal cleaning for Listone Giordano wooden floors, whether lacquered/varnished or oiled (except “Vecchio Natif”).

  • Intended for daily/regular cleaning.
  • Removes dirt, sanitises and degreases leaving no residue.
  • Improves the shine and removes static electrical charge to keep floors dust free and feeling clean for longer.
  • Based on fully biodegradable plant surfactants (according to Regulation 648/2004 EC), minimises environmental impacts and produce no allergic phenomena (excepting reactions to specific ingredients).


Within cavities and lowered areas, particularly for floors that are brushed, serrated, etc., a slight darkening can sometimes display over time from the accumulation of dirt and dust. This is minimised by periodic cleaning.

Never use water alone to wash the floor. Not only will it have little cleaning effect, but the minerals contained in water may leave a residue.

The same concentration of Green Bio is just as effective elsewhere around the house on surfaces other than parquet, such as ceramic floors, porcelain and terracotta stoneware. In all instances, one should always test on a small area before applying.



  1. Remove any solid dirt using a vacuum cleaner equipped with an appropriate brush for wood flooring. It is important to remove abrasive particles from the the surface of the floor.
  2. Pour two caps of Green Bio into 5 litres of water. If dirt is difficult to remove you may wish to use 4 caps to fortify the solution, but we recommend that you never exceed this concentration.
  3. Soak a non-aggressive micro-fiber cloth (it should be indicated for use on delicate surfaces on packaging) in the liquid. Carefully squeeze the cloth so that it is moist and apply it to the surface of the floor using a brush.
  4. Rinse the dirt off of the cloth before soaking it again, which can be done with a second bucket of clean water.


Avoid contact with eyes. Should contact occur, wash eyes immediately with water. Once opened, used within 12 months. Bottle is built predominantly from recycled material and is entirely disposable in your regular waste.



The product is not classified as dangerous. However, it is recommended to keep that it be kept out of the reach of children. The information given in the data sheet are derived from research and experience. However, customers should use caution and judgement where untested and unexpected environmental factors could interact negatively with this product.


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